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Scena Oceanic, Inc. produces an oceanic botanical hair and body care line that Sirena Scena Salon is proud to introduce to anybody who has not yet fallen in love with these delightful products.  From the shampoos to the styling products you will find the performance and the fresh scent will win you over completely.  Safely harvested kelp and algae and essential oils are the mainstay of this product line.  For those of you who love body care products (who doesn't, actually?), you have choices of shower gels, hand and body lotion, a bath oil cleanser,  and a scrub that does the exfoliating so your skin looks fresh, every day.  Our clients rave about Scena Oceanic Botanicals and you are invited to try them for yourself, just be warned that you might fall in love with them and have a happy addiction.

You can find more information about Scena at as well as coming in to Sirena Scena Salon.

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Contact: info: Albertine 650-391-3196