COVID-19 Updates

September 15, 2020

Dear Sirena Scena Salon Clients,

This is a hard letter to write, so I’ll take a breath and just begin.

As you are all aware, COVID-19 has changed many many lives.   Those of us lucky enough to have our lives and health find ourselves being grateful, myself included.  Having lost my father on January 19th, it’s been a strange and emotional year so far.  

Most small service businesses closed their doors for almost 6 months, honoring the stay at home directives.  Upon reopening, with a capacity reduction that decreases income production, sadly some find their business unable to pay backrent, current rent and business expense bills, with increased protocols and their related expenses, let alone necessary personal expenses.  While all business expenses continued and, in fact, increased their fees and rents, little to no income in those long 6 months of uncertainty and worry had already started to cripple small business owners.

I have known most of you for many years, served you with my utmost expertise and created a salon that saw you, your families and pets through good times and bad.  During these past 6 months, I believed that there would be a reopen date in our futures.  Sadly, that will not happen for me.  The only financial recovery for me at this point is to sell the salon intact as there is no ability to continue with a landlord who is unwilling to negotiate with a long term tenant that put so much into making that salon what it is.

Hopefully, Sirena Scena Salon will have a new owner soon, and will continue to service Los Altos well.  

Scena will continue to be my product line, should you need to order  Scena product, please contact me at 650-391-3196.

I’ll miss you, and hope you all continue to stay well.  

All the best, Albertine van der Heiden

Contact: info: Albertine 650-391-3196